All ICS Canada instructors currently registered and active in the ICS Canada Instructor Database have received notification from ICS Canada ePrint Store that and your own user profile has been initiated in our system. If you are wanting to submit an order for ICS Canada Instructor or Student manuals, first you will be required  to log in the the ePrint Store and complete the profile requirements before an order can be placed. The ICS Canada EPrint store will provide to ICS Canada instructor a 25-30% discount on instructor and student manuals compared to what is offered if ordered directly from the Staples Copy and Print Centre website. Using the “username” and “password” provided in the notification correspondence sent by Staples on June 18, 2024, navigate to and update your profile. It is also recommended that you update your password.

If you  didn’t receive notification  from Staples of your initializtion in the ICS Canada ePrint system ...

Go to the ICS Canada ePrint webstore following the link on this page, and select “Need a Login?”. There may a 24-48 hour wait time to authorize anyone not setup during the development and initialization of the program. You must be listed in the instructor database to access the ICS Canada ePrint Store.

When you register, you will be required to complete a user profile and you will also be provided your own Staples BDP number that will also provide you a 20% discount on any printed products purchased at Staples Copy and Print Canada

The documents on the ICS Canada ePrint site are already formatted and they cannot be “customized” or edited.

Additional training materials can be printed external to the ICS Canada ePrint Service by heading to the Staples Copy and Print Service and using your BDP discount number.