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The Contrarian Emergency Manager

News, concepts, and opinions on emergency management and homeland security topics


Lead From the Inside Out – Daryl Black 

Working from the inside out Daryl works with executives, business owners & corporate managers to accelerate the transformation of their leadership & personal mindset & skills to positively influence others with the LEAST amount of effort & in the LEAST amount of time. Where personal development & leadership converge

FEMA’s “Before, During & After”

“Before, During & After” is a podcast for emergency managers. Join us for insights into where emergency management is headed, conversation about preparing for the threats of tomorrow and how everyone has a role in keeping communities safe from disaster.

Join podcast host Mark Peterson as we cover FEMA’s work in implementing its strategic plan, as well as recent disaster recovery efforts and resources available to better prepare for future risks.

Emergency Management Podcast

A show about planning for, responding to and recovering from emergencies.

Hotshot Wakeup Podcast

A podcast and newsletter by firefighters about wildfire and the world. Crew Supervisor and Ex Hotshot overhead.

Call it like it is.

Monthly Substack subscriptions go towards supporting this content and helping firefighters in need. https://thehotshotwakeup.substack.com/

Emergency Preparedness in Canada Podcast

The Emergency Preparedness in Canada (EPIC) Podcast delivers current, relevant, and Canadian educational content for those who share our passion for emergency management and disaster science. At EPIC, we believe that disasters are everyone’s business, and that free and open access to education can drive the profession forward while improving preparedness for all Canadians. Listen as we interview leading experts in the field, review emerging and landmark publications, and debate important disaster issues.