Q. How do I register for ICS training, where can I take ICS training?

A. ICS Canada does not deliver training; the organization’s role is in the development of curriculum and standards associated with training delivery. Training is offered or coordinated through the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and by ICS Canada recognized training providers. Contact the AHJs directly for training opportunities through our Links page.

Q. Is ICS Canada training available online?

A. ICS Canada supports the ICS Canada I-100 course as an online product. All other ICS Canada courses are instructor facilitated classroom based courses. Contact the AHJ in your jurisdiction for access to an online I-100 course.

Q. What is an AHJ?

A. An AHJ or Authority Having Jurisdiction is the organization, office, or individual having statutory responsibility for enforcing the requirements of a standard. Most provinces/territories have designated an AHJ as the responsible organization for ICS within their jurisdictional boundaries. These are listed on our links page.

Q. I’ve lost an ICS course certificate, where can I get a replacement?

A. The AHJ or delegated issuing organization is responsible for issuing initial and replacement certificates. Please contact the AHJ or the organization that hosted the course for replacement certificates.

Q. I can’t access the course materials tab; it appears to be password protected?

A. The course materials tab is accessible to recognized ICS Canada training providers only.

Q. How do I get approved and recognized as an ICS Canada training provider?

A. The details and process are outlined in section 3 of the “Standards” document – found under the “Reference” tab of the website.

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