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Frequently Asked Questions                                                 ICS Operational Description

ICS/IMS Canada Communique                                             CIFFC-ICS Canada Mnenomics

Standards Document 2018                                                  French - English ICS Canada Lexicon V1.1 Updated Jul 2019

ICS Canada Glossary of Terms - Updated Jul 2019              Suggested IMT Vest Colour

Language Change Control Form - New Jul 2019                  Adobe Acrobat DC as an IAP Builder


Tom Cox Instructor Development Series            Planning P Video and Posters

TOX TIPS 1 - Introduction to ICS                                         Planning P VideoNEW Apr 2019

TOX TIPS 2 - P.P.O.S.T. - S.M.A.R.T.                                     SMART Objectives Poster

TOX TIPS 3 - ICS 200 Exercises                                           P.P.O.S.T. Poster

TOX TIPS 4 - Adult Education in the Classroom                     Planning P Poster  Updated May 2019

TOX TIPS 5 - Best Research

TOX TIPS 6 - Divisions and Groups