A/AHJ Endorsed Training Providers


This is not an all inclusive list of "for hire" training providers in Canada. The table below is a list of training providers that have been endorsed by an Agency/Authority Having Jurisdiction (A/AHJ) and meet the requirements according to the ICS Canada Training Standard. The training providers listed below can deliver ICS 100 to ICS 402 courses and/or Functional Position courses. They may provide other services. 

Training providers wanting to be listed on this table will send a request to thier respective A/AHJ. You must be endorsed by a A/AHJ, active in the delivery of ICS Canada training courses and to be in good standing with the A/AHJ to be posted on this table.

By no means is this a preferred list. Those seeking to hire or contract a training provider for course delivery, are urged to check references or inquire with the respective A/AHJ. 


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